Health surveillance and screening

Health surveillance is a system of ongoing health checks for disease that may be caused by work activities.

The checks may be required by law for employees who are exposed to noise, vibration, ionising radiation, solvents, lead, fumes, dusts, biological agents and other substances hazardous to health, or work in compressed air.

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Health Surveillance is required if:

  • Work is known to damage health in some particular way and it is reasonably likely that damage to health may occur under the particular conditions at work.
  • There have been previous cases of work-related ill health in the workforce/place.
  • There is a reliance on PPE e.g. gloves or face masks as an exposure control measure.

The need for health surveillance should be identified by your risk assessment process.

Examples of where health surveillance is appropriate under the criteria in COSHH Regulation 11(2)(b) are:

  • Where there have been previous cases of work-related ill health in the workforce/place;
  • Where there is a reliance on PPE, e.g. gloves or respirators, as an exposure control measure; e.g. printers wearing gloves to protect against solvents used during press cleaning, or paint sprayers using two-pack paints wearing respirators to prevent asthma. Even with the closest supervision there is no guarantee PPE will be effective at all times;
  • Where there is evidence of ill health in jobs within the industry; e.g. frequent or prolonged contact with water (termed wet-working) causing dermatitis in hairdressers and healthcare workers, or breathing in mists from chrome plating baths causing chrome ulcers in platers.’
  • We strongly recommend avoiding blanket screening for all employees as it can provide misleading management results and waste money that could be spent on improving controls.

Identify your Health Risks

Peritus Health Management’s Occupational Hygienists or Specialist Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners will support you in completing a health risk matrix which will identify your health risks and the groups of employees that are exposed. This will target your health surveillance programme appropriately, minimise health risks and avoid unnecessary costs.

The objectives of health surveillance are to:

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Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Approved Code of Practice 6th ed Guidance 11

health surveillance and screening
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We are here to make the occupational health and hygiene process as easy as possible.