Occupational health in engineering

Health issues in the engineering industry can be caused by:

We have a fleet of mobile screening units travelling the UK that are fitted with an audiometry booth. We can carry out workplace exposure monitoring on your site and have strict hygiene policies in place that follow the highest levels of COVID protection.

Our teams are experienced in performing all the necessary occupational health checks and they can tell you in plain English what the results mean and what steps, if any, need to be taken to protect your workforce.

Maintenance – poorly maintained machinery can have a serious health and safety risk. It is important to keep machines in good working order carrying out daily inspections and regular servicing and auditing. 

Safeguards – most machines will have safety mechanisms installed such as emergency stops and guards. Ensure these are in good working order and have been installed properly.

PPE – make sure your workforce are properly equipped with the right PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), including head protection, goggles and ear defenders. As well as not having loose clothing, jewellery or long hair that could get caught in moving equipment.

Oil – machinery can leak and cause a hazard for the workforce. Ensure all machinery is in good working order and is regularly serviced and maintained.

Dust – ensure the working environment is clean and regularly checked to minimise the risk of injury from dust particles making its way onto the floor or being breathed into the lungs by your workforce.

Engineering Health Risk Assessment

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Health surveillance in engineering

We are quality accredited to the Faculty of Occupational Medicine’s SEQOHS standards. We are qualified to provide health surveillance and screening at your workplace using our fleet of vans or at our premises.

Peritus Health Management provides a comprehensive service in all the above areas.

occupational health in engineering
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“The College are extremely happy with the prompt, professional and reliable service that is provided by Peritus. They are flexible and creative in their approach working with us to provide the best support for Colleagues. This has been demonstrated in our absence figures. This year alone the number of sick days was down 10% on the comparable period last year. Peritus played a central role in helping us to achieve this.”

Head of Human Resources, Halifax

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We are here to make the occupational health and hygiene process as easy as possible.

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We are here to make the occupational health and hygiene process as easy as possible.

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We are here to make the occupational health and hygiene process as easy as possible.