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workplace air monitoring

Workplace air monitoring

Carry out workplace air monitoring to identify employee personal exposure in their breathing area and behind their respiratory protective equipment, as well as background levels

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noise survey assessments

Noise survey assessments

Peritus Health Management can complete workplace noise survey and workplace noise monitoring within your workplace to help you to understand your noise risks so you

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vibration hazards

Vibration hazards

Vibration hazards transmitted through the hands and arms can cause damage to the nerves, blood supply and soft tissues or joints of the hand, wrist

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skin surveillance

Skin surveillance

We recommend a tiered approach to skin surveillance: Skins checks – simple questionnaire and examination of the skin on the hands undertaken by a competent

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skin check competent person training

Skin conversation

Work-related skin disease can affect people in a wide range of occupations. It can be caused or exacerbated through exposure to a physical, chemical or

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